Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s Instagram Selfie Trend on Weibo

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Ruby Lin recently took to Instagram to share some photos with husband Wallace Huo. While the celebrity couple are known to be quite private, Ruby also shared a glimpse of their daughter, Huo Xiaoru also known as ‘little dolphin’, through a photo of their hands placed on top of each other as they wore matching mother-daughter bracelets. Xiaoru just turned 3 years old earlier this year. The IG post was paired with the caption: “Did you smile today?”

ruby lin huo xiaoru little dolphin

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s love story is a sweet one. After being friends for years, the two have now been married for over 4 years. The couple have also shrugged off rumors of a rocky marriage as they continued to focus on family. Wallace has not been worked on any new projects in recent years and his time away from the spotlight has gotten netizens noticing that he seems to have gained weight. Wallace had said that he doesn’t care about his weight and since he only diets when he is working.

With Wallace Huo totally off social media, It’s nice to see the family from Ruby’s occasional updates. Since the two are quite private, it’s no wonder that a simple selfie got trending with comments like “It’s rare to see a group photo, so sweet!” from one netizen while another wrote “The family of three is so lovely haha, wishing you more blessings to come!” Still, I hope that we will get to see Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo onscreen again!

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