Wu Lei ‘s Airline Miles Reportedly Stolen by Sisheng Fan

Wu Lei
Leo Wu Lei

Chalk it up to another crazy sisheng fan antic but reports of a fan stealing Leo Wu Lei ’s airline miles to redeem tickets for herself and her friends is up there then it comes to bizarro stories. As much as I’d like to say we all shouldn’t be too surprised by now at some of the things sisheng fans have been known to do – from causing flight delays to purchasing star’s personal mobile numbers and calling them, the sky really is the limit.

It’s reported that Wu Lei’s mileage thieves hacked into his China Southern Airlines account and were using the stolen miles to bankroll their celeb chasing activities. According to a chat recording posted online by someone claiming to be a fan earlier in the week reporting the incident to airline staff, Wu Lei ’s mileage thief is actually a zhanjie (站姐) who runs a fan site for the actor. It is said that a total of 230,000 miles were redeemed since 2017, with the person registering two more friends into the actor’s account so that they too can redeem flights for their personal use and for the purpose of chasing stars.

If this is true, I don’t really know how whoever manages the actor’s airline account failed to take note of the ticket redemption notice you’d normally receive from the airline. And to think this has been going on under their noses since 2017! Alas the hackers must’ve been pretty stealthy redeeming only incremental amounts? But that can’t be the case if they managed to redeem some first class tickets a couple of times as revealed by the recording.

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