Wang Yibo Has Recovered from His Sprained Ankle

Wang Yibo skateboard

Chinese idol-actor Wang Yibo, who is a part of the South Korean-Chinese boyband UNIQ recently took to social media to share a photo of a skateboard with a pair of shoes and the caption, “My foot has finally healed and I can now continue my skateboarding career!”

The multi-talented actor is known for his sporty aspirations as a dancer, motorcycle enthusiast and skateboarder! He even joined the reality show “Extreme Youth” back in July 2019 not just for fun but because he’s a legitimate skateboarder who wants to gain new skills.

wang yibo day day up meng jia

Unfortunately, Wang Yibo hurt his foot a few months ago. While on the Chinese talk show “Day Day Up,” he couldn’t really participate fully when guest Meng Jia was teaching the boys how to dance to the theme song for Sisters Who Make Waves so he stood at the side and learned the moves with hand movements. When Jia asked how he hurt his foot, Wang Yibo said that he took a wrong step while playing the DDR (dance dance revolution) and ended up with a sprained ankle. The revelation actually got everyone laughing because they they didn’t expect that to be the reason. Last October, Wang Yibo also hurt his foot when filming the Chinese drama “The Legend of Fei” and was seen limping when he walked. 

Now that he has gotten better, netizens are happy and thankful that he is fully recovered and thought it was sweet of him to let fans know so they won’t worry!  Wang Yibo has been exhibiting his insane dancing skills on the show Street Dance of China Season 3, so let’s wish him the best to continue his careers injury free!

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