Drama Adaptation of The Female Psychologist Announces Yang Zi and Jing Boran as Leads

yang zi jing boran

Yang Zi’s next project has been rumored shortly after filming for costume drama The Golden Hairpin wrapped in July and the cat’s finally out of the bag. She will star in Psychologist 女心理师, a modern drama adapted from the novel Female Psychologist by Bi Shumin 毕淑敏. Jing Boran who has recently donned the ancient garb to start filming for The Society of Four Leaves also signs on as the leading man.

The story follows female psychologist He Dun who copes with her own emotional struggles and a painful past as she tackles multiple cases involving her patients. She meets Qian Kaiyi and they decide to work together on a radio program about psychological issues.

It’s a heavy topic and quite fitting given the importance of mental health awareness especially in recent times. Already a unique shift from your usual Chinese dramas, the poster also poses a brain teaser with a picture riddle asking how many faces do you see. I see only one(?) by the waterfall.

Yang Zi's next project

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