Tiffany Tang Confirms Birth of Her Daughter and Not Twins

There we have it folks, it’s a girl! In her first ever public appearance since giving birth, stunning new mum Tiffany Tang Yan popped by Tencent’s Annual Press Conference yesterday to promote the upcoming series The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕云台 which she stars in opposite Shawn Dou.

Now we all know that the actress had given birth early this year thanks to her friend’s accidental slip up. But as to whether she had a boy or a girl, that cat at least, is still in the bag. The famously private couple has kept that bit of information close to their chests and all we have are rumours that the actress and her husband Luo Jin had twins, but that too remains unverified at least until yesterday. After the event’s host mentioned hearing that Tang Yan had twins, the actress laughingly corrected him saying “no, it’s fake news” and after a bit of hesitation, finally confirmed she had a girl. 

A belated congratulations to both Tiffany Tang Yan and her husband!

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