Tan Songyun Seeks Justice for Her Mother and Says the Defendant Never Apologized

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Chinese actress Tan Songyun who rose to fame in The Best of Us is now back on the small screens with family drama Go Ahead. However, she has also been under the spotlight lately due to the court proceedings involving the car accident that killed her mother.

Tan Songyun’s Statement in Court

On August 31, an emotional Tan Songyun took the stand to say a few words. She introduced herself as the only daughter of the deceased and said that it has been one year and eight months since her mother’s passing. She said, “Everyday, I have been trying to self-heal and keep a good mentality to accept the fact that my mother has left this world. I think about her everyday, but I also keep waiting for a fair judgment.”

Tan Songyun also revealed that she was scared to attend the trial and see the evidence because there are things that she doesn’t dare to see. She also revealed that ever since the accident, she never received an apology from the perpetrator. She ended her statement by saying, “I hope that everyone can help my mother find justice, crime must be punished.” 

Accident on New Year’s Eve

After posting her new year’s greetings on December 31, 2018, Tan Songyun disappeared from the public eye for weeks. It was later revealed that her mother got into a car accident on New Year’s Eve and passed away after over 20 days in the hospital. According to reports, there were three victims that night. Aside from her mom who passed away, two were gravely injured. 

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As the trial was being streamed online, the defendant drew public ire as netizens felt that he seemed arrogant and showed no remorse. Many called for justice on behalf of Tan Songyun’s mother. Tan Songyun’s fan club also raised three questions regarding the trial as they asked about the evidence that disappeared, the court proceedings and the defendant’s attitude and statements.

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