Tan Songyun’s mother passes away weeks after being hit by a car

Tan Songyun’s mother passes away weeks after being hit by a car
Tan Songyun
Tan Songyun’s mother has died after being in a coma for several weeks since getting hit by a car. Tan Songyun has been missing from the public eye ever since she wrote an update on weibo for new year’s eve and many were worried about why the actress has disappeared. 

Today, her manager Fang Xiaoye reveals that Tan Songyun’s mother got into a serious accident a few hours after Tan Songyun’s update on new year’s eve. Her mother was returning from a gathering that night with some friends and walking along the side of the road when a car hit the three of them. Tan Songyun’s mother sustained the most injuries and had to undergo emergency craniotomy. She was then moved to the ICU where her family has been praying that her condition would improve. 

After over twenty days of fighting for her life, Tan Songyun’s mother has regrettably passed away on January 23, 2019. According to Fang Xiaoye, “she wasn’t able to open her eyes or leave her last words for her daughter, she just left…” She ends by saying that she believes the law will punish the culprit and justice will be served. Our hearts go out to Tan Songyun and her family. 

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