Luo Jin Shuts Down Cheating Rumours After Clip Surfaces with Assistant

Luo Jin Shuts Down Cheating Rumours After Video Clip Surfaces with Assistant
Being dogged by cheating accusations must certainly get old, most especially if you’re one half of a celebrity couple. One would think people have better things to do than speculate about your love life, but nope. Yesterday, Royal Nirvana actor Luo Jin was the latest subject of allegations that he’s cheating on his wife Tiffany Tang Yan and having an affair with his female assistant. All this brouhaha over a super short clip of his assistant hanging on to his elbow whilst pulling out a hair stick from his up-do below.

Luo Jin Shuts Down Cheating Rumours After Video Clip Surfaces with Assistant
Both Luo Jin and his studio quickly shut down the rumours with Luo Jin posting a short but (not) sweet message on social media telling people to “fart! piss off!” which his studio reposted with the caption “stop spreading rumours. How tedious!” From the way both weren’t pulling their punches, their annoyance and exasperation is clearly obvious. The actor’s fan club also chimed in with the statement “the Internet is not a place outside the law, and spreading rumours has to have consequences!” whilst other commenters encouraged the actor and his team to pursue legal action.
Luo Jin and wife Tiffany Tang Yan’s romance is the classic case of “from reel to real” life. Despite appearing as each other’s romantic interest in a couple of dramas, Tang Yan once admitted that it wasn’t until the last few weeks of filming for The Princess Weiyoung that they began to develop feelings for each other. The couple were married in a beautiful fairy tale wedding ceremony almost two years ago in Vienna, Austria and are rumoured to have become new parents to twins earlier this year. 
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