Luo Jin Almost Got Depressed While Filming For Royal Nirvana

royal nirvana luo jin
They often say that when it comes to acting, in order to be able to act the part, you have to be the part. Many actors go through extreme lengths in order to embody their character. Method actors could even go on an intensive diet just to look their part. A recent example is Joaquin Phoenix who lost 52 pounds for the role of Joker. 52!

Although with all the rigorous preparations, there are bound to be certain side effects. But when an actor really commits to his role and does it right, magic happens. 
luo jin royal nirvana
The same goes for actor Luo Jin who plays the tragic Crown Prince in the drama Royal Nirvana who all his life yearned for the love of a father who only saw him as a threat. Not to mention all the prying eyes around him plotting for his downfall, he meets a maidservant whom he falls in love with but turns out, she wants to kill him too! If that doesn’t scream tragic, I don’t know what does. 
It’s no wonder the drama’s director Vincent Yang didn’t think twice about revealing all the pressure and dedication Luo Jin went through during his 7 months of filming the drama in Xiangshan. He would often return to his room and idly sit for hours with not so much energy to even remove his wig, emotionally exhausted. During those days, Luo Jin would express how he acted until his heart hurt and that after just one month of filming, he already felt like he was gonna get depressed. Ooooff. Yet, the director would coax him saying they’ll torture him more. 
Talk about dedication. 
luo jin royal nirvana
Nonetheless, I think all his hard work has paid off with the praise that he has received. Personally, I don’t know if it’s the eyebrows, his stare scares the sh*t out of me. But when he cries, I feel like crying for him too. I guess it’s working then, huh?
luo jin royal nirvana
Congrats, Luo Jin! You did well, sweety! 
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