The Legend of Banshu (2016)

The Legend of Banshu (2016)

The Legend of Banshu aka Ban Shu Chuan Qi 班淑传奇 is a 38-episode Chinese palace drama starring Jing Tian as Ban Shu. It follows the story of the Legend of Lu Zhen and was conceptually created by producer Yu Zheng to compliment the former.  

Even though Yu Zheng has earned a bad rep as the destroyer of Jin Yong novels, he has had a number of successful projects under his belt. Nevertheless, his fame wasn’t enough to hype up this drama given that it has been buried under the stack of so many high-profile period dramas these days.

Ban Shu grew up in the grasslands of the Western region until she was reunited with her family. In order to gain their approval, she enters the palace to learn proper etiquette but often ends up in amusing situations due to her unorthodox background.

The Legend of Banshu is headlined by newcomers Jing Tian (The Great Wall) and Zhang Zhe Han (Demon Girl) whom I recognized as the teenage counterpart of Hu Ge in Nirvana in Fire. I probably won’t watch this unless I hear good things about it but if you are interested, the series premiered last Feb 8, 2016 on CCTV8.

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