Johnny Huang Hilariously Unaware That Zhang Zhehan Was in “Nirvana in Fire”

Johnny Huang Hilariously Unaware That Zhang Zhehan Was in Nirvana in Fire

Zhang Zhehan may have seen his star shine brighter through his starring role in the BL drama Word of Honor, but did you know that he was also part of the mega hit series Nirvana in Fire? The actor plays the young Lin Shu, Hu Ge’s character who was supposedly killed under the Emperor’s orders before he completely transformed himself into Mei Changsu. But not everyone seems to have gotten the memo as Johnny Huang Jingyu incorrectly guessed Demon Girl 半妖倾城 as the title of the show when shown the still of Zhang Zhehan in his Chiyan army costume!

Zhang Zhehan in NiF and Johnny Huang Jingyu guessing which drama

Zhang Zhehan, Johnny Huang Jingyu and actress Li Qin were guests on the variety show Happy Camp. In its latest teaser, the ensuing banter between them will tickle your funny bone when Johnny guesses wrong. Thinking the still was from Zhang Zhehan’s Demon Girl since Johnny made a cameo in the drama as well, he followed it up by incredulously asking “You were in Nirvana in Fire??!?” Oops. Maybe the scenes were too quick to be remembered or Zhang Zhehan was still so baby-faced? *lol* Either way, Zhang Zhehan adorably pretended to be outraged by Johnny’s answer and protested “He’s even questioning that I was in Nirvana in Fire! Take it all away!” No wonder the show chose this clip to tease viewers with. The banter’s just too cute!

Johnny Huang Hilariously Unaware That Zhang Zhehan Was in Nirvana in Fire

Johnny and Li Qin are currently starring in the military drama My Dear Guardian which allows viewers to follow along as the romance between a Special Forces operative and a military doctor unfurls. Likewise, Johnny and Zhang Zhehan’s upcoming movie Formed Police Unit also starring Wang Yibo is similarly themed, at least, when it comes to men in uniform who devote their lives to protect and to serve.

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