Zhang Linghe Towers Over Co-stars – His Real Height: 190cm

Zhang Linghe Towers Over Co-stars - His Real Height: 190cm

I knew Zhang Linghe is tall, but goodness, I didn’t realise just how much until you see him standing next to his more “petite” co-stars! With him standing at well over six feet (190 cm), a bit of expertise in camera angles will certainly come handy. But when it comes to live promotional events, you’ll definitely see just how tall he stands! 

Here’s Zhang Linghe when he recently attended a promotional event together with his The Princess Royal co-star Zhao Jinmai. Now Zhao Jinmai isn’t exactly small to begin with – she’s 165 cm so that’s pretty average.  But next to him, the 21-year-old actress practically looks small! But don’t they just look adorable here?

The Princess Royal event
Zhang Linghe bends down to put him closer to his The Princess Royal co-star’s height

Zhang Linghe previously revealed that his real height is actually 190 cm and not the 188 cm reported online. His reason? “I was told at the time that it was hard to find actresses to act opposite me due to my height, but now it’s actually okay”. Whilst a 2 cm difference might sound rather trivial, what’s indicated on your actor’s comp card actually matters since it’ll be used to filter you out in preliminary screenings for casting. And unless the script specifically calls for a super tall actor for the part, chances are it’ll be harder for him to land a role in an industry where the average height of popular male actors is usually 185 cm tall.

Zhang Linghe also revealed that whilst his weight is around 70 kg now, he used to weigh a bit higher than 200 catties (120 kg).

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