“The Princess Royal” Hits 10K on Youku Heat Index

"The Princess Royal" Hits 10K on Youku

If you’re a fan of The Princess Royal, you’ve been in for a treat lately. We recently witnessed Angel Zhao Jinmai and Zhang Linghe reunite for promos, and the show also delivered the turn of events we’ve all been waiting for. After all, the misunderstandings between the two main characters have been frustrating. Crown Princess Li Rong wants to push her husband, Pei Wenxuan, towards Qin Zhenzhen, and he’s doing the same, pushing her towards the second male lead, Su Rongqing, played by Chen Heyi. As if the flashbacks of their past lives didn’t already show enough, misunderstandings can kill a marriage.

But thank goodness for that emotional confession in the rain where Pei Wenxuan finally made it known to Li Rong that, whether it was then and now, it was always her that he loved. She also came back for him as he was walking away, so it’s definitely a step in the right direction in terms of doing things over in their “second lives.”

The Princess Royal had a strong start, having the highest heat index on premiere day for Youku dramas that aired this 2024. Some were worried that the show’s strong start with its interesting premise and fast pace was starting to slow but it looks like recent plot development helped propel the show to hit 10,000 on the Youku heat index, and this is just the fifth day of airing. The politics seem the weakest part for me thus far since it’s a bit simplistic. But if treated as a historical romance, the two leads are a joy to watch. They’re the old married couple that could just banter all day.

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