Joy of Life’s “Second Prince” Liu Duanduan Put on the Spot Over Paparazzi Claims

Photos from Liu Duan Duan Studio

Liu Duanduan, a Chinese actor-singer also known for his work in theater, is perhaps best recognized in dramaland for playing the second prince in the megahit series Joy of Life. Recently, the 38-year-old made headlines due to claims made by paparazzi.

According to gossip blogger Liu Dachui, after arriving in Beijing, Liu Duanduan went straight to a KTV with friends, hung out until the early hours, and was then seen leaving with a woman to go to her place, before leaving the next morning. This sparked a hashtag that read, #Liu Dachui Reveals Liu Duan Duan Affair# as paparaazzo also revealed that Liu Duanduan is married. However, a friend of Liu Duanduan challenged the paparazzo, saying Liu Duanduan actually stayed at a guy friend’s place that night. Meanwhile, Liu Dachui denied ever calling it an affair. Nonetheless, some people also doubt whether this “friend” is truly a friend, as she remarked, “So what if he’s married with a kid? It’s normal to hang out with the opposite sex. I hang out with cute guys too.”

Screencap from paparazzo Liu Da Chui / Weibo

The revelation that Liu Duanduan is married with a daughter surprised many who didn’t know, but his fans said it was never a secret. Liu Duanduan’s wife is also said to be his manager.

Many are taking the gossip with a grain of salt. Others even accuse the paparazzi of fabricating a story based on a clip that doesn’t show anything incriminating. Some are just concerned about Joy of Life since the cast is expected to return to film the last and final season, so it won’t be good if any of the cast members get caught in a scandal.

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