Netizen “Surprised” Han Xue is Actually Married After Being Spotted with Her Husband

Netizen “Surprised” Han Xue is Actually Married After Spotting Them Having Dinner with Friends
Photos: Han Xue / Weibo

Yes, actress Han Xue is indeed married. The Sisters Who Make Waves S5 star was spotted with her husband having dinner with friends in Hong Kong recently. Although this is far from a secret, the 41-year-old actress-singer has been pretty low-key about her married life. So much so that many people didn’t actually realise she’s married let alone who her husband is. And, guess what? They already have a 13-year-old daughter.

As for their love story, media reports the couple’s romance began in 2007 when they met at an event and quickly fell in love. However to protect their privacy, they opted instead to keep mum about their relationship and their subsequent marriage later on and welcomed the birth of their daughter in 2011. As for Han Xue’s husband Wan Shan, he’s 59-years-old this year so that’s an 18 year age gap between them. Supposedly, aside from being the president of entertainment company, he’s a big deal in real estate and finance and has multiple development projects across the country.

Han Xue papped with husband

Han Xue is both a singer and an actress. Debuting as a singer in 2004, she released her debut solo album. She then appeared in various film and television series as well where she is best known for her roles in Journey to the West as Bai Gujing and in the historical war drama Cao Cao where she played the supporting role of Diao Chan. Han Xue also appeared in the TV adaptation of Ip Man starring opposite Kevin Cheng in 2013.

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