Ride the Wind 2024 Winner: A Dark Horse Compared to Past Seasons’ Champions

Ride the Wind 2024 Winner: A Dark Horse Compared to Past Seasons Champions

Ride the Wind 2024,” also known as “Sisters Who Make Waves Season 5,” filmed its grand finale on the eve of June 27. It’s the fifth season of the talent competition featuring established female celebrities, and we once again welcome a new 12-member group.

Compared to previous seasons that had big names and fan favorites, this season’s competition was intense and hard to predict, but when Chinese actress Amy Chen Haoyu won 1st place, everyone could only say it was truly well deserved. She started the show not very well known. Amy has done a number of dramas, such as 2020’s youth series “I Don’t Want to Be Friends With You,” which just released its movie version “Be My Friend” in 2024. The 32-year-old star blew everyone away during the first stage with her rendition of “Ye Zi” (野子). That’s when you realize she was a singing champion, having started in the industry by joining Taiwan’s “Chinese Million Star Season 3” in 2014. While she didn’t have a lot of traffic initially, every stage performance proved her talent as an all-rounder in singing and dancing.

However, there’s also some contention about rankings as opera actress Chen Lijun who took second place was indeed a very strong contender. Meanwhile, some expressed disbelief at how former K-pop idol Nicole Jung had the least amount of votes.

Winners of Season 5:

  • Amy Chen Haoyu (singer-actress)
  • Chen Lijun (Yue opera actress)
  • Shang Wenjie (singer)
  • Qi Wei (singer-actress) who also won leader of the year
  • He Jie (singer)
  • Liu Xin (singer)
  • Tia Ray (singer)
  • Sa Dingding (singer)
  • Cai Wenjing (actress)
  • Liu Yan (actress)
  • Joyce Jonathan (French singer-songwriter)
  • Han Xue (actress)

Ride the Wave Winners for Each Season:

  • Season 1 (2020): Ning Jing
  • Season 2 (2021): Na Ying
  • Season 3 (2022): Cyndi Wang
  • Season 4 (2023): Ella Chen
  • Season 5 (2024): Amy Chen Haoyu

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