Former Idol Cao Lu Reveals She’s Been Trying for Years to Secure a Spot on “Sisters Who Make Waves”

Former FIESTAR member Cao Lu

Former idol Cao Lu who used to be the Chinese member of the K-pop idol group FIESTAR, recently faced a series of disappointments in trying to get a spot on the popular Chinese reality show, Sisters Who Make Waves, which is going on its fifth season this 2024.

Her Journey to Join Sisters Who Make Waves Is Not Over

In her vlog titled “Sister Who Make Waves 2024: I Failed Auditions Again,” the 36-year-old opens up about her journey. Back in 2020, she was invited to audition for Sisters Who Make Waves Season 1. However, she had to decline due to prior commitments with another comedy survival show. It’s a decision tinged with regret. She even joked that “she’d go no matter what” had she known how big a hit Sisters Who Make Waves would turn out to be.

She was invited again for season 2. This time, she was more than ready, even taking the time to take dance classes in preparation. She felt confident after her video interview lasted a substantial hour and 40 minutes. However, she ultimately didn’t make the cut due to her image resembling that of another contestant. Although she was offered a spot as a challenger, that also fell through because other challengers were deemed more popular. It seemed best for her to wait until season 3. She went through the rounds again, but it was apparent that the producers were less interested this time. Her interview barely lasted 30 minutes. In the end, the reason for not progressing further was that she didn’t appear to be in good condition. As for season 4, she didn’t even receive an invite.

When she was finally invited for season 5, she meticulously vlogged her preparation process, showcasing her dedication to perfecting every aspect, from facial care to makeup. Despite her efforts, she didn’t make the cut and was told she was too ‘plain.’ However, she remained unfazed which is why she tried to earn a spot on the show through their nationwide search online. Having auditioned three times for the show over its five seasons, plus one instance where she declined, Cao Lu says she’s not one to give up. She’s ready to try again next year and many fans eagerly await her return to the stage.

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