“Follow Your Heart” Draws to a Close, Stays True to Its Light-Hearted Mystery Romance

"Follow Your Heart" Draws to a Close, Stays True to Its Light-Hearted Mystery Romance
Jiang Xinbai follows his heart to Nan Xing

Follow Your Heart (颜心记)” may not have reached the success expected, achieving 8,500 popularity points on iQIYI and just falling short of the 10,000 milestone that most hit dramas on the platform achieve. However, it offers a light comedic take on the historical mystery genre with its unique supernatural element. A protagonist who can’t remember faces and a heroine, who literally changes into another person periodically—such as turning into a man on her wedding day—adds a hilarious twist to the story. It’s fun to see which actor will portray her next, featuring a diverse cast including Cheng Xiao, actor Yin Xiaotian, Myolie Wu, and veteran actress Tien Niu. As for the finale…

**Spoilers Ahead

Yan Nan Xing, Jiang Suo Luo and Tong Sai’er all get their happy ending as their men patiently wait for them in their wedding finery in Follow Your Heart’s finale. But the road to happiness wasn’t without challenges. After all, it’s the main couple’s third wedding? having been divorced before.

For Yan Nan Xing and Jiang Xin Bai (Song Yi and Luo Yunxi), although the “incomplete” antidote Minister Pei fed her turned her into an old woman “for good”, Xinbai never gave up finding her. After collapsing due to face blindness, his vision fortunately returned and he finally found his Nan Xing (Tien Niu). Thank goodness he followed his heart and recognised her despite her aged and greying condition. The moment they hugged each other, Yan Nanxing magically transformed back into her original appearance, so it appears love is the missing ingredient that made the antidote complete.

Sebrina Chen and Gu Zicheng

Meanwhile, although Liu Ruo Qian (Gu Zicheng) confessed his love to Jiang Suo Luo (Sebrina Chen), he decided to leave since he didn’t want to cause her further distress with the broken engagement. However, Suo Luo couldn’t seem to forget about him, ultimately hurrying back to the capital to get her man. Last but definitely not the least was the sweet ending between Tong Sai’er and Shang Bieli (Huang Riying and Ryan Cheng Lei). When Sai’er learns Shang Bieli was going on a blind date arranged by the Queen, she decided to leave the capital since a relationship between them is now hopeless. But luckily Princess Zhou Yang – Shang Biele’s blind date, was very understanding, encouraging him to pursue his sweetheart. He finally catches up and embraces her after the two have a heart to heart chat.

Huang Riying and Cheng Lei

Plot Twist and Deaths

Turns out the Prime Minister Pei Linfu was the actual baddie all along. He even fed Nan Xing the medicine that turned her into an old woman! Luckily, Minister Pei’s deceit was finally revealed and he got his just desserts in the end. Meanwhile other characters weren’t as bad after all like Bai Yuan (Hong Yao). He did bad things but ultimately died when he caught the arrows meant for Nan Xing by shielding her with his body. While the Zornia case was solved, some emotional deaths like Jiang Xinbai’s right hand man Yao Qianshu (Guan Zijing) and Gui Yi Niang (Huang Xiaolei) who sacrificed her life to make the medicine for Yan Nanxing. It was great acting from Myolie Wu too as Yan Nanxing.

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