“War of Faith” Reveals Award Submissions Were Made for Each Lead Actor

"War of Faith" Reveals Award Submissions Were Made for Each Lead Actor

The absence of Wang Yibo from the Best Actor nominations for Magnolia Awards has sparked controversy, particularly since his “War of Faith” co-star Wang Yang whom some feel should’ve been in the supporting role category received a nomination for Best Actor. This has led to dissatisfaction among Wang Yibo’s fans and raised questions about the nomination criteria. Days later, “War of Faith” revealed that award submissions were indeed made for both actors.

The statement issued by streaming platform iQIYI’s Qi’Ai Studio on June 5 wrote, “Thank you for the attention and recognition of the characters from “War of Faith.” We respect and cherish the stellar performances of every actor. Therefore, under the conditions allowed by the Magnolia Award submission rules, submissions were made for each lead actor to strive for recognition. However, the submission status was not discussed with the creative team and the actors.”

award submissions were made for both actors

Fifteen minutes later, both actors issued statements at the same time. Wang Yibo wrote, “The recognition received by ‘War of Faith” is inseparable from the efforts and dedication of all the creators and the crew. With everyone understanding and supporting each other, Wei Ruolai’s (Wang Yibo’s character) growth is not just one person’s growth. Thankfull to the audience, as an actor, I will continue to devote myself wholeheartedly, focusing on every role and work.​​​” Wang Yang also posted: “I am earnestly filming, actions speak louder than words.”

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