Stephen Chow Enters the Chinese Short Drama Market To Much Success 

Stephen Chow Enters Chinese Short Drama Market to Much Success
Screencap of a scene from “Take Me Home”

Earlier in the year, legendary Hong Kong comedian Stephen Chow struck a deal with Douyin – Tiktok’s Chinese sister, to produce a short drama catering to mainland audiences.  Now that it’s finally here, the 24-episode mini-sitcom titled “Take Me Home” (金猪玉叶) saw its over-5 minutes long first episode already hitting over a million views barely an hour into its release on June 2, 2024. 

Appreciative fans have commended the quality of the project which they say is at par with that of a movie, a “premium” in the growing market of Chinese micro-dramas and that the comedy series’ artistic content is quite high. In contrast, some complained the show absolutely “had nothing to do with Stephen Chow” and veers away from his brand of comedy. Instead, viewers claim the show’s style of humor leans towards executive producer Yi Xiaoxing‘s zanier style.

Shaolin Soccer
Shaolin Soccer

Indeed Stephen won’t be starring in this project which boasts famous stand-up comedian Xu Zhisheng as its lead. Despite many continuing to wish for his acting comeback, Hong Kong’s King of Comedy has instead opted to take a more behind-the-scenes role once again.  Nothing wrong with it since many actors have all taken this route… except perhaps audiences were hoping to see his quirky brand of slapstick comedy on the small screens.

As for the series, Take Me Home tells the story of Taiwanese law intern Ye Xiaolai who set out to get to the bottom of things after a “pig butchering” scammer tricks her twin sister. Her investigation takes her to Mainland China where she teams up with her suspected culprit, except it totally wasn’t him at all. As they run around the country to expose the true baddies, they find themselves caught in some high jinks and shenanigans bound to make their journey even more interesting.

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