“Lost You Forever Season 2” Release Date Announced, Teaser Brings Angst

"Lost You Forever Season 2" Release Date Announced

Today is Tencent’s big drama party, where they announced updates and new releases for a TON of dramas. Among them, the one I’ve been waiting for the most is “Lost You Forever Season 2“, which just confirmed its release date on Tencent as July 8, 2024. OMG, it really took a year since the first season, and we’re finally here! The four male leads, Zhang Wanyi, Deng Wei, Wang Hongyi, and Tan Jianci, were all in attendance at the Tencent event. Unfortunately, Yang Zi wasn’t present, leading to a hilarious moment where they brought out her cardboard cutout. But it’s more like we should laugh while we can because the teaser for Lost You Forever 2 is so full of angst.

2024 Tencent Drama Party

Teaser Breakdown: Heartache and Drama Ahead

I haven’t read the novel it’s based on, so I’m just going off the trailer, but already so much happens. The voiceover sets the mood with Xiao Yao saying that all her life she waited and will no longer wait for anyone. Then Cang Xuan, who became king in the first season, talks about reaching the pinnacle to protect what he has left but losing the one person he wanted to protect in the process. Tushan Jing mentions having only one person in his heart and then… he dies??

Deng Wei
Tan Jian Ci

We get a glimpse of what happens at Xiao Yao’s wedding with Chi Shui Feng Long because Xiang Liu appears as his alter ego, Fangfeng Bei, to take her away. It’s followed by a scene where Xiao Yao shoots arrows at Xiang Liu—ahhh, whyyy…. Xiao Yao wants to marry Tushan Jing but keeps being told he’s dead. Because of that, she wants to kill Cang Xuan. Then Xiang Liu is all bloodied at the end. Seriously, I’m not ready for the heartache, but I’m so there. See you on July 8!

Zhang Wan Yi

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