Li Yitong Centipede Scare on Set While Filming a Rooftop Scene with Liu Yuning

Li Yitong Centipede Scare on Set with Liu Yuning

Who would’ve thought the day would come when daipai (photographers hounding celebs for a photo) would save the day on set? “A Dream within a Dream” is in the thick of filming, and recent “leaks” show the main leads, Li Yitong and Liu Yuning, filming a very sweet rooftop kissing scene. But behind the scenes, an experience would probably make anyone scream if it happened to them. That’s why #LiYitongCentipede was trending on Chinese social media.

With many cameras of daipai and fans on the leads, a zoomed-in shot of Li Yitong showed a centipede on her clothes. The first person who noticed said, “Centipede,” and sooner or later, everyone there began shouting, “Sis, centipede!” “Sis, your leg!” Though the two stars clearly didn’t understand at first, you can see the centipede crawling from Li Yitong’s leg to her tummy and then into her sleeves. Good thing historical clothes have so many layers!

A Dream with a Dream behind the scenes

Later, you see a staff member and co-star Liu Yuning patting Li Yitong’s clothes. If in some videos it didn’t seem like Liu Yuning took action, but he definitely did, and it looks like when he patted the sleeve area, the centipede fell and finally slipped down the roof, as seen in one footage. You can see Li Yitong asking the staff how big it was because, despite the whole commotion, she actually didn’t see anything.

Regardless, they gestured thanks to the people who called their attention. Later on, she also posted on social media to thank the people again, saying, “Even if you don’t watch it, you will be scared to death. I gesture fist-and-palm to thank you guys.”

Source: Rainchenintaiwan / Weibo

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