Late Qing Dynasty Drama “Heroes” Scores 8.1 on Douban: Why It Deserves More Attention

Heroes stars Qin Junjie, Liu Yuning and Pan Hancheng
Heroes stars Qin Junjie, Liu Yuning and Pan Hancheng

With all the buzzy costume dramas available in dramaland, it’s super tempting to just stick to what’s popular. But if you’re looking for something outside of your comfort zone here’s an underrated gem that’s totally deserving of more attention it’s been given:  Heroes 天行健.

Heroes aired on May 5, 2024 without much promotion or fanfare. Nonetheless, despite this “handicap” the period drama seems have done pretty well, having garnered a Douban rating of 8.1 after completing its 36-episode run. It is led by Qin Junjie who’s known to be quite the solid actor. Liu Yuning , despite his current popularity, takes on the second lead role. Incidentally, he was also in a drama called Heroes in 2022. Meanwhile, Pang Hanchen rounds up the trio. Other cast include Maggie Huang, Fu Jing, and more.

Heroes nab a 8.1 score on Douban

Heroes Synopsis

The story is set during the early 1900s when imperial rule in China was on its way out. From the surface, the Qing dynasty drama brings together three very different individuals on a mysterious treasure hunt after a treasure map was stolen from the palace. On a much deeper level, the story also tried to highlight the different social classes struggling for survival during a volatile time in Chinese history. The question remains whether each one will find the treasure or will they die fighting for the own cause.

Qin Junjie stars as Men San Dao, a former imperial guard who was imprisoned and only set free on the condition that he finds the elusive treasure. Liu Yuning plays Zhuo Bufan, a swordsman determine to make his sword fighting school a success through the treasure. However, the advent of guns and firearms poses a huge challenge. Lastly, Pan Hancheng’s Wang Jialuo is a Confusian scholar who could only find work as a constable. He doesn’t care about anything else even the treasure except hunting down Zhuo Bufan. He represents a person so set in the ways of the feudal system.

Attention to Detail

Heroes treasure hunting
Treasure Hunting

Aside from raving about its well-written screenplay and pretty solid acting from the cast, viewers have commented on how the martial arts action made for a good story. The period piece has also been praised for its attention to historical detail.

In fact, history buffs will appreciate the documentary-esque black and white montages at the beginning of each episode reflecting the social landscape of the late Qing Dynasty period. Many of these are in fact based on real historical footage as revealed by the production – 10% are actual footage whilst 90% was re-shot by the crew based on historical data using documentary techniques.

The same attention to detail was applied to costumes and sets which looked pretty authentic.

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