International Singer Faouzia Trends in China After Her Cover of G.E.M.’s Song in the Revival of Chinese Music Show “Singer”

Faouzia in Singer 2024

Wow wow wow! This week’s episode of Chinese music competition Singer 2024 was truly one for the books with singer Faouzia managing to blow everyone away with her amazing cover of G.E.M.’s “Away” (來自天堂的魔鬼)! At the start, the show which brought in foreign singers such as Chanté Moore and Faouzia ignited a matter of national pride on Chinese social media due to their standout performances compared to local singers. Nevertheless, Faozia’s most recent performance, which blew away Chinese viewers, truly goes to show that music knows no bounds.

With her gorgeous voice, the Moroccan-Canadian singer’s own spin of G.E.M.’s song trended on Chinese social media with the cheeky hashtag #howmanyGEMsdidFaouziaeat?” just among the many buzzwords about her. To think she sang it in Mandarin which is no easy feat for foreigners to master in such a short of time was truly impressive!

Indeed many watching Faouzia’s cover lauded not only her rich performance but also all the work she put in to learn Mandarin. Faouzia actually sang Chinese for the first time, and I daresay audiences really appreciated her attempt to better connect to them. What makes it even more challenging to pull off is that this was all broadcast live so there was definitely no room for mistakes.

G.E.M. Gives Her Thumbs Up!

Faouzia’s performance also earned the attention of pop star G.E.M. “Wow! I love it! Cuz I wrote this when I was ur age, now seeing you making effort learning all the lyrics and giving such a great performance … it brings so much joy to my heart!” she wrote. It appears a potential collab between the two might also be in the works.


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