“Singer 2024” Live Performances Have Gotten Viewers Talking

"Singer 2024" Live Performances Has Gotten Viewers Talking

Singer 2024 (歌手2024) introduces a new format featuring “one-take,” unedited performances, streamed live on television, marking a bold move in the Chinese music scene. In an era where listeners crave authenticity and lip-sync accusations loom large, this shift is significant. A recent example is the Taiwanese rock band Mayday, which came under scrutiny not too long ago. The adoption of this new format for the comeback season of Singer has sparked widespread interest and discussion.

Pop sensation Rainie Yang showcased her renowned track “Take Me Away,” rearranged for her performance, but some online critics felt she was too tense especially when she attempted an elongated high note. The singer-actress acknowledged her low ranking on the show due to spending more time overcoming nervousness than enjoying the music. With only one take available, she hopes to do better in the next performance, recognizing that what she showed was far below her usual standard. Meanwhile, powerhouse vocalist Na Ying delivered a rendition of “Silence,” albeit with a minor slip-up in the lyrics, which some attribute to nerves. Despite this, her talent still shines, earning praise from many. Other participants included rock band Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰) and singer-songwriter Silence Wang Sulong. Meanwhile, the foreign competitors are doing incredibly well on the show, with 57-year-old Chanté Moore from the USA and Moroccan-Canadian singer-songwriter Faouzia ranking among the top performers.

The decision to broadcast Singer 2024 live without pre-recording or post-production adjustments invites both criticism and praise for its singers. Director Hong Xiao acknowledged that opting for live broadcasts narrowed the pool of potential performers. “Firstly, artists must be willing to take the stage and have confidence in themselves. During the invitation process, we encountered many who declined due to the live aspect,” the director stated.

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