“Believe in Mayday,” Says Their Agency in a Statement Denying Lip-Syncing Allegations

"Believe in Mayday," Says Their Agency in a Statement Denying Lip-Syncing Allegations
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Taiwanese rock band Mayday, which is on their world tour, has been accused of lip-synching at their recent Shanghai concert. It’s snowballed into such a controversy that Chinese authorities announced that they’re launching an investigation especially since it’s known that lip-synching is not allowed in the country.

On December 4, Mayday’s agency B’in Music, also known as Believe in Music, finally issued an official statement to deny the allegations. They said that Mayday did not engage in any lip-synching behavior during their concert. They also called out comments about the lip-synching to be malicious attacks, rumors and slander, which are damaging the image of their artists. They’ll actively cooperate with the investigation and they believe that results from relevant authorities will set the record straight.

This is in response to recent allegations from a music influencer (麥田農夫) who conducted an analysis and claimed that at least five of the songs at the Shanghai concert were lip-synched. There were also claims that lead singer Ashin’s voice can still be heard when his mic was down. The band trended number one on Chinese social media over the allegations and they’re trending again today after issuing a denial.

Mayday comprised of five members Monster, Ashin, Stone, Masa and Ming has been in the music industry for 24 years. Saying that the band has been presenting their best music to fans through the years, their agency wrote, “Please everyone believe in Mayday, believe in music.”


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