Huang Riying On Getting Injured on Set, Says She Didn’t Buy the Hot Search

Huang Riying
Huang Riying

Some updates from Huang Riying following reports of a nasty injury she’d sustained whilst training for the upcoming costume drama Fu Shan Hai 赴山海. Earlier, a Netizen posted that the 29-year-old actress had to get seven stitches to her face after getting injured whilst practising martial arts for the Cheng Yi and Gulinazha led series. Turns out she really got into an accident as confirmed by her Studio who said she’s now in a stable condition and recovering. Huang Riying herself also sought to reassure fans, calling her wounds “minor” and that it’s healed enough that she can go back to work. She also denied buying the hot search to get her trending online.

Huang Riying
Ouch! Huang Riying shares photos of her injury as she reassures fans she’s on the mend.

No Time To Buy Trending Searches

In a post celebrating her official return to work the actress shared that whilst she was indeed injured, this was a pretty common thing even amongst industry seniors who’d broken their ribs or legs. “Compared to them, mine was just a minor injury. I really didn’t expect it to trend on the hot search…. When I was getting my stitches done, the crew who came with me informed me that I was trending online. I was really panicked and confused at the time”.

Reiterating that she really had no time to think about anything else, she said all she could worry about was delaying the filming schedule and the huge losses incurred for the production. Not to mention getting scars from her wound. Thankfully, the actress shared her wound is on the mend and can be covered with makeup whilst she is filming.

Huang Riying made her acting debut in 2017 when she appeared in the youth fantasy web drama Hidden World 将界第二季. With her delicate features and fresh temperament, the pretty actress is quite suitable for costume historicals, a genre she’d flourished in as the star of many small scale web dramas. These days the actress has moved on to appear in various supporting roles in bigger productions, Fu Shan Hai being the latest.

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