Gong Jun Lands His Next Leading Role In the Wuxia Series “An He Zhuan”

Gong Jun
Gong Jun
Simon Gong Jun

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact star Simon Gong Jun will indeed be helming Youku’s upcoming wuxia series An He Zhuan 暗河传, a drama adaptation of the novel written by author Zhou Munan. The same novel has already been adapted into the 2023 animated series Tales Of Dark River (Anhe Zhuan).

Meanwhile, director Yin Tao who has a fair number of popular costume dramas under his belt and Zhou Munan have both been announced to be on board as its director and screenwriter respectively. Zhou Munan’s announcement in particular is a detail many book fans will undoubtedly appreciate since there’s a bigger chance the script will be faithful to the book. Not to mention the author also penned the very popular novel turned live action series The Blood of Youth, which incidentally, also has Yin Tao onboard.

Gong Jun stars in An He Chuan

Casting Lineup

Could Youku’s newest wuxia be the ONE that will finally get the 31-year-old actor out of his recent rut? It’s no secret that many are waiting for him to have another breakout role after 2021’s Word of Honor. However, even his pairing with Chinese megastar Yang Mi in Red Moon Pact was unfortunately called a flop seeing how it underperformed despite its HUGE budget and star-studded cast.

As for his leading lady, 33-year-old actress Peng Xiaoran plays the female lead role. Qiao Zhenyu takes a special starring role while Chang Huasen, Yang Yutong , Snow Kong Xueer and Zhang Shian round up the main cast. Bai Shu also makes a special appearance.

An He Zhuan details the rise and fall of a mysterious assassin organization where our hero is tasked with ensuring  its survival. Faced with internal turmoil, a series of events showed him all was not as it seems and a greater conspiracy is at play.

The series has already held its boot ceremony and is in middle of filming.

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