Dilraba Dilmurat and Arthur Chen Feiyu Announced for “Love Beyond the Grave” In Spite of Fan Squabble

Dilraba Dilmurat and Arthur Chen Feiyu
Dilraba Dilmurat and Arthur Chen Feiyu

Fantasy series Love Beyond the Grave 慕胥辞 announces their casting line-up today, June 24th, officially confirming the first time pairing of Dilraba Dilmurat and Arthur Chen Feiyu. Adapted from the novel  Bai Ri Ti Deng (白日提灯) the web series is all about a female ghost and a young human general falling in love. Reba plays He Simu, the said ghost whilst Chen Feiyu comes on as Duan Xu, the human general whose life story is cloaked in mystery.

Now the pair’s announcement isn’t without drama itself with fans of both stars expressing their disappointment for the pairing.  From the heated comments online, Reba’s fans are asking her to reconsider taking on this role. Keeping in mind Chen Feiyu’s “tarnished image” last year when photos of him in bed with an influencer were leaked, they’re fearful his involvement might negatively impact the reception of her latest project. Fans have also pointed fingers at her agency Jaywalk for this choice.

Billing Squabbles

Meanwhile, it appears billing is also another issue. Prior to today’s official announcement, rumours that both Reba and Chen Feiyu have equal ranking in the series was a hot topic online causing both sides to clash. Chen Feiyu’s fans argue that he shouldn’t be second string to the actress. Of course Reba’s fans objected to this as only top billing for the actress will suffice. Besides, as a Netizen pointed out, with his past scandal, partnering with the actress is likely the key to Chen Feiyu’s successful comeback to showbiz. If only they had waited for today’s official announcement .. But that’s all water under the bridge now that it has been announced. As of press time, Chen Feiyu’s follows Dilraba Dilmurat whose name appears first.

Love Beyond the Grave Stars Dilraba Dilmurat and Chen Feiyu

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