A Photo Seemingly Debunks Claims by Bridgette Qiao Xin’s Former Assistant About Yang Yang

Yang Yang and Bridgette Qiao Xin

So some new drama concerning actor Yang Yang has surfaced. This time, it’s from a person claiming to be a former assistant of his rumoured ex-girlfriend, actress Bridgette Qiao Xin.  In a nutshell, the former assistant who uses the handle “Zheng Kaidan” (郑凯丹) made many claims. She alleges that the two secretly dated from March 2018 to May 2019. They supposedly almost went public with the relationship at one point. Then, when the two were broken up, she also claimed Qiao Xin felt hurt and jealous when she found out Yang Yang frequently liked Crystal Zhang Tianai’s social media posts.

Yang Yang
L: Wen Junyu with the actor R: The profile photo in question.

The former assistant also claims the profile photo Yang Yang had been using on social media was supposedly taken by his girlfriend at the time – Qiao Xin, whilst they were holidaying in Turkey. However, a photographer named Wen Junyu (Oliverjune) who previously worked with the actor came out to seemingly defend him.

Wen Jnyu with Yang Yang in Turkey

Me and my older brother in Turkey five years ago”. Wen Junyu shared photos including one of himself and the actor up in the air on a hot air balloon. Notice Yang Yang was wearing the exact same jacket with hot air balloons in the background like his profile pic. This seems to suggest that it was the photographer who was with him that day and who took the profile photo, indirectly refuting the alleged assistant’s claims that it was Qiao Xin. Additionally, the actor’s fans have also confirmed he was indeed in Turkey at the time to shoot an ad.

Speculation about the 32-year-old actor and Qiao Xin’s supposed romance have been going around for years. But they’ve never really been confirmed. It appears many are taking the “assistant’s” allegations with a grain of salt as her barrage of “revelations” on social media felt a bit off to some. Now that a rebuttal was seemingly issued, I reckon many are even more inclined to write it off as another rumour. There had been no official comment from those involved.

Photos: Yang Yang, Qiao Xin Bridgette, Oliverjune / Weibo

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