Will Love in Spring: A Contemplative C-Drama About Death

Will Love in Spring: A Contemplative C-Drama About Death

Despite being a shorter drama at 21 episodes, ‘Will Love in Spring‘ (春色寄情人) is one of those C-dramas you wish would last longer. Initially tackling darker themes surrounding death, what with a story that revolves around Chen Maidong, the male lead, who transitions into a mortician after a life-altering experience and his counterpart, Zhuang Jie, who becomes disabled following a car accident. Both characters are portrayed as ‘imperfect,’ adding depth and realism to the narrative, and it evolves into the most heartwarming healing romance.

Will Love in Spring Ending (Spoilers ahead)

I couldn’t muster the courage to watch the finale, given that scene with the male lead discovering a dead body covered in white, which eerily resembled his girlfriend’s, wearing her engagement ring. Thankfully, the conclusion is a happy one since the body is not her. Zhuang Jie does experience a minor car accident that rattles her, though fortunately she remains unharmed.

This moment serves as a sudden realization for the long distance couple of their mutual importance to each other, and they rush to be by each other’s side, him already in Shanghai where she works, and her saying she’s on her way to Nanping. They meet at the train station. Zhuang Jie says, “From now on, my world is divided only into places with you and without you. Wherever you are, that’s my home.” Chen Maidong responds, “I understand. From now on, let’s not talk about days, but cherish every moment.” This drama is a rare gem, which evokes deep emotions that’ll leave you crying, but it leaves a profound message towards embracing life confidently despite the specter of death.

Will Love in Spring ending

Reflections from the Leads

Li Xian, who portrayed Chen Maidong, reflects on his journey, sharing, “It was in this process that he grew and understood gradually, learning to accept loss, as well as to cherish and love more deeply.” His portrayal of Maidong brought new insights into life, offering warmth and strength to viewers. He reminds us, “When life feels unbearable, remember, ‘You’ll always get through it.'” Similarly, Zhou Yutong, embodying the essence of Zhuang Jie, expresses her fondness for the show, saying, “To the people of Nanping, are you happy right now? I hope you stay happy forever.” She shared how ‘Will Love in Spring’ was all about teaching people to say goodbye, but she really doesn’t want to say farewell now that the show has ended.

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