TV Host Matilda Tao Who Spoke Up on Jihyo-Tzuyu Apology Video Resemblance Denies Riding the Trend

Matilda Tao and Tzuyu

Recently, TWICE’s leader Jihyo sparked controversy over a promotional video to introduce her new variety show. Some felt it resembled her fellow girl group member Tzuyu’s apology video from eight years ago. It can be remembered that in 2016, Tzuyu who was just a young teen apologized for waving the Taiwan flag since it had sparked backlash in China. However, it has since stirred debates surrounding the circumstances of her apology.

Jihyo’s recent teaser for her show, where she was clad in black in a ponytail, caused dissatisfaction among certain fans. Jihyo’s move was viewed as intentionally “opening an old wound.” Even Taiwanese entertainer Matilda Tao, who shares a personal connection with Tzuyu and her family, expressed her disappointment. She said, “Is it supposed to be funny? It doesn’t seem funny at all.” In her show, the 54-year-old Taiwanese TV host also brought up Tzuyu’s relationship with her agency JYP Entertainment, likening the 24-year-old idol’s situation to being “frozen dumplings,” implying she’s been sidelined. She disclosed that Tzuyu chose to renew her contract with the company for the greater good, despite facing difficulties. The incident involving Jihyo’s video was eventually addressed, with the controversial segment removed, and apologies issued by the production team. However, some have accused Matilda of “riding on the trend” for speaking out.

Jihyo apology video resembles Tzuyu's
Some feel there’s a resemblance between the two

On May 3, Matilda Tao issued a statement on Threads. She shared her experience meeting Tzuyu and her family, expressing how they initially met at Tzuyu’s mother’s café in Taiwan as Matilda’s daughter, a fan of TWICE, wanted to visit. They later developed a friendship and were invited to visit South Korea by Tzuyu’s mother. During their trip, Tzuyu personally accompanied them, showing kindness by helping with transportation and taking photos with Matilda’s daughter. Matilda described the experience as dream-like and was touched by Tzuyu’s warmth. Matilda emphasized that her speaking up was not for publicity. She also said that through their meaning convos, she “understood very well the difficulties of parents, and what went behind Tzuyu’s hard work.”

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