“Lovely Runner” Kiss Between Kim Hye Yoon and Byeon Woo Seok will Have you Crying

Episode 10 of “Lovely Runner,” stirred up a whirlwind of emotions! Spoiler Alert: The following post contains details from the most recent episode.

That kiss, heartfelt confession, and Sun-Jae’s words, “If it’s because of that reason, Sol, don’t run away anymore. Just like me. And if my dying is to save you, then I’m okay with that. I’ll be fine.” The “Lovely Runner” writer truly knows how to tugs at the heartstrings with that dialogue, and the scene when Sun-Jae gently lifted Sol’s face, and she looked up, teary eyed – it was pure magic.

“Lovely Runner” reached new heights with Episode 9, pulling in 4.759% in ratings, and Episode 10 maintained the momentum with 4.752%. It’s no surprise, given the beautiful story. Now that Sun-Jae understands it’s not because Sol doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, but rather a cycle, Sol knows he died for her and wants to stop that, while Sun-Jae is okay to do that because it’s for her. How do you not cry over these two? They’ve been through so much already.

“Lovely Runner” may have been overlooked at first, what with all the attention on the mega-hit “Queen of Tears,” but then you notice how it’s also high up on the charts. This success is well-deserved, especially considering the stellar cast. Kim Hye Yoon, renowned for her roles in “Sky Castle” and “Extraordinary You,” once again proves her acting prowess in her leading role in “Lovely Runner.” The 27-year-old actress truly gives a captivating performance as Lim Sol. However, the true surprise for me is 32-year-old actor Byeon Woo-Seok, who is also such a gem as Sun-Jae.

In “Lovely Runner,” Sol, devastated by the death of her favorite star Sun Jae, magically travels back to 2008 when he’s 19. Determined to alter his fate, she embarks on a mission to change the future, potentially finding love in the process.

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