Lesley Chiang in Bridal Gown for Hong Kong Wedding, Dad Paul Chun All Smiles

Lesley Chiang in Bridal Gown for Hong Kong Wedding, Dad Paul Chun All Smiles

Lesley Chiang, daughter of veteran actor Paul Chun Pui, tied the knot with her engineer husband Pak-Ho on February 2, 2020. However, due to the pandemic, their wedding was postponed until 2022, when they had a simple ceremony in Los Angeles, USA. Unfortunately, their families could only participate virtually through video calls.

Recently, the 38-year-old actress and her husband held another wedding celebration in Hong Kong, where they invited only close family members. During the traditional tea ceremony where the couple serve tea to the elders, Lesley couldn’t hold back her tears, and her eyes were moist with emotion. Dad Paul Chun looked very much the proud father. She wrote on social media, “beautiful tea ceremony with our family. What a wonderful way to celebrate our love.” To husband Pak-Ho, she wrote, “Hello, best friend. I love you.”

Lesley Chiang holds wedding in HK

Lesley Chiang is part of a celebrity family in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Her brother Benji Chiang, 43, is also an actor while her relatives are seniors in the industry. Paul Chun, 78, is the older brother of actor John Chiang (David), 76, which is why he also attended the ceremony with wife Lee Lin-lin. Their family extends further with a half-brother, film producer and director Derek Yee, from their mother’s remarriage, although he was not seen in he photos. Additionally, TVB actor Raymond Cho is married to John’s eldest daughter.

Lesley Chiang is a Canadian actress and singer-songwriter, best known for her role as Liza in the Hong Kong sitcom “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold“.

Photos: lesleychianglove / Instagram

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