Chinese Remake of ‘Flower of Evil’ Amps Up Suspense with Chen Xiao in Blond Hair

Chinese Remake of 'Flower of Evil' Amps Up Suspense with Chen Xiao in Blond Hair

The trailer for the Chinese remake of the hit K-drama “Flower of Evil” entitled Yin Man Zhi Shi (lit. Things Being Hidden 隐瞒之事) is packed with suspense, with the two leads looking like they want to kill each other, adding to the story’s ambiguity. The tension is clear, but there seems to be little emphasis on the romantic aspect, raising questions about how faithfully the remake will follow the original’s emotional depth. There are also concerns that the Youku series helmed by the producer of the highly-acclaimed C-drama “The Bad Kids” seems to be full on “thriller” as opposed to a story that’s ultimately about redemption.

The original K-drama was a massive hit, largely due to Lee Joon-gi’s incredible performance as Do Hyun-soo. Lee Joon-gi expertly portrayed Hyun-soo’s complexity, blending vulnerability with a dark and mysterious aura. His emotional nuances made Hyun-soo a compelling character. Additionally, the chemistry between Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won, who played his police detective wife Cha Ji-won, contributed significantly to the show’s success.

She asks, “Do you love me?”

Frankly, any remake will face skepticism about whether it can do justice to the original. There’s already a Philippine remake starring Piolo Pascual in 2021 and the Hindi remake Duranga the following year. The choice of Chen Xiao as the male lead for the Chinese version is promising. Known for his acting chops, the Chinese actor reunites with Yang Zishan, his co-star from “Red Rose” in 2017. Chen Xiao’s full-on blonde hair in the trailer suggests a significant visual deviation from Lee Joon-gi’s version, as he appears to maintain this look throughout the series. While the “Flower of Evil” Chinese remake certainly has big shoes to fill, with its fair share of skeptics, only time will tell how the show will fare.

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