Panda Impressions #21: Red Rose and Wong Fei Hung

Out of all the dramas that are airing right now, Red Rose has unexpectedly become my new fave so much so that I’m all caught up and anxiously waiting for the next episodes. What are you watching? 

Red Rose

Red Rose First Impressions

It’s like Sparrow but with lower ratings probably because there is no Li Yi Feng and Zhang Ruo Yun to hold down the fort. I actually liked Sparrow enough to watch it till the end in spite of many fist-pounding annoyances (mostly due to the female lead) and I do wish that this one got more recognition because it’s similar but with an entirely likeable cast. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that Chen Xiao can pull of the role of the wealthy casanova who’s secretly a spy and even though this drama seems to focus more on the drama than the actual espionage, I like the progression of the story and find myself getting behind Yang Zi Shan’s character who is manages to come across as endearing despite being a typical damsel in distress. It helps that she’s sensible and has picture-perfect memory, that’s gotta count for something when she decides to become a spy. 

Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei Hung Panda Impressions

I feel like I’m giving up too early since nothing has actually happened yet other than Wong Fei Hung embarking on a search for his missing father. It’s a little silly which seems to be what the show is going for before the serious martial arts stuff kicks in but I keep remembering Jet Li’s iconic portrayal of the same role in the Once Upon A Time movies and this one’s just not gonna cut it.

Wong Fei Hung Panda Impressions

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