Ethan Juan Mourns the Loss of His Mother Amid Career Resurgence

Photo: Ruan Jing Tian / Weibo

According to Taiwanese media, Ethan Juan’s mother passed away on May 21, 2024, due to illness. “The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon” star has since suspended all activities. Ethan Juan is known in the entertainment industry as a devoted son, having a close relationship with his grandparents who raised him, his hardworking mother, and his younger brother, who is 12 years his junior.

On the day his mother passed away, Ethan also won the Best Actor award at the 5th Taiwan Film Critics Association Awards for his leading role in “The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon.” It is reported that the organizers originally wanted to invite him to the award ceremony, but he declined due to “family matters.”

Ethan’s mother cared for his grandparents in their final years as they all lived in Taipei. As a supportive son, Ethan even backed his mother when she wanted a divorce in her sixties, saying, “I think she’s in her sixties. Shouldn’t she be allowed to be happier?” With the passing of his grandmother and grandfather in recent years, Ethan remarked, “My mom can finally enjoy her life, but she is already 70 years old.” However, it is said that Ethan’s mother’s illness progressed rapidly. Despite many opportunities during his recent resurgence in fame, Ethan chose to stay by his mother’s side.

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