Arthur Chen Feiyu and Sabrina Zhuang Dafei Headline a Modern Romance About Lovers Reunited

Arthur Chen Feiyu and Zhuang Dafei

Here’s a new modern romance that sounds quite fun! I mean, with a title that literally translates to “Eat, Run and Fall in Love” (吃饭跑步和恋爱), how can it be anything but? The Youku urban romance series starring Arthur Chen Feiyu and Sabrina Zhuang Dafei held their filming ceremony this week. And can we all take a moment to appreciate just how adorable these two are together in the promotional posters released by the show? Not to mention how cute are they almost twinning in their matchy outfits during the show’s boot ceremony held the other day.

Arthur Chen Feiyu and Zhuang Dafei and the rest of the cast

As for the rest of the cast, the series will also feature Lin Boyang, Denny Huang, Yi Daqian, Shang Wanqing, Yu Xiang, Zhang Haolei with special appearances by Blue Lan and Ariel Ann.

Adapted from a web novel (拜金罗曼史) by Chen Zhiyao (陈之遥), it might tackle a story about young love but it’s also a story about second chances. As a new grad, Ding Zhitong absolutely has no time to date nor is she interested in dating around. But thanks to Gan Yang’s relentless pursuit of her, they eventually become a couple despite their different socio-economic backgrounds.

Arthur Chen and Sabrina Zhuang

As the two young lovers soon find out, love may not necessarily bridge the gap between them nor does it solve practical problems they encounter. Then, things get more complicated when Gan Yang’s family business falls apart, causing him to ultimately break up with Ding Zhitong. Zhitong meanwhile grows to hate her ex as she mistakenly believes he abandoned her. Ten years later, the former lovers are given another chance to reconnect in the workplace and clear up past misunderstandings.

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