Actor Mike He’s House Searched by Authorities

Actor Mike He's House Searched by Authorities
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According to reports from Taiwanese media ETTODAY, the Taipei District Prosecutors Office conducted a search on the morning of May 24th at the residence of renowned Taiwanese actor Mike He, located in Taipei’s Songshan District. The search was part of an ongoing investigation, during which relevant evidence, including a phone, was seized. No individuals have been summoned or detained at this time, but the 40-year-old actor has been named as a defendant in the case. The specific details of the investigation remain undisclosed, with authorities citing privacy concerns.

Rumors suggest that the search might be connected to allegations made last year by a famous paparazzo named Ge Siqi. Ge claimed that Mike He who’s been married since 2017, had been involved in an incident at a nightclub, where he allegedly kissed a hostess three times. At the time, Mike He issued a statement through his lawyer, denying the accusations and asserting that his reputation had been unjustly tarnished.

Mike He’s manager expressed complete surprise at the search, stating that they were unaware of the situation and had not been informed prior to the search. The manager also mentioned that Mike He is currently filming a new drama, and any interruption would negatively impact the production. As such, they plan to discuss the details with him at a later time. UPDATE: Police cite allegations of sexual harassment as the reason for the search.

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