Mike He surprises with news that he’s married and with child

Mike He surprises with news that he’s married and with child
Mike He New Dad


As far as announcements go, this one caught me totally off guard. On June 3, Mike He posted the joyous event on facebook and said that in spite of the rainstorm, he and his wife have registered their marriage and that it was a good day that no rain or wind can dampen. He also shared that the couple have welcomed the birth of their precious daughter four months ago in the US. Her name is Mei Bao (mei means beautiful and also stands for USA, bao means precious). 

I still think of Mike He as the devilish boy in the Taiwanese idol drama opposite Rainie Yang in Devil Beside You. I can’t believe so many years has passed and he is now a grown man in his thirties entering parenthood. 

Congrats to him and his non-celebrity wife who has chosen to remain in the background. Although not much is known about her, there are reports that she and Mike He have been dating since high school and even though they have broken up at one point, it ultimately ended in a happily ever after. Needless to say, Mei Bao is adorable and she’s cheekily wearing a shirt that says, “My dad is super handsome.” Oh and she’s pointing to his face too (just in case it wasn’t obvious). 

Mike He daughter
Mike He baby daughter
Mike He

Source: Mike He Weibo, Mike He Facebook, Sina


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