Wu Chun’s 13-Year-Old Daughter Nei Nei in Then and Now Photos from When She Was 3

Wu Chun Nei Nei
Wu Chun and Miriam with his daughter Nei Nei between decades
Wu Chun and Miriam with his daughter Nei Nei between decades

Brunei-Chinese singer and actor Wu Chun, his wife Lin Liying and their two kids Nei Nei and Max recently went to watch Cantopop diva Miriam Yeung’s “My Tree of Life” concert. And as always whenever he does something fun, he shares it on social media.  “Ten years ago, ten years later … Nei Nei is as tall as big sister Miriam without being held. Time flies so fast. Togetherness and devotion is so very important. Our happy family watched an awesome concert together. My Tree of Live – Amazing.”

Gosh, how fast time flies indeed. Ten years ago Nei Nei still had to be carried by her dad so they can comfortably have their picture taken with the actress slash singer. Now 13-years-old, Nei Nei and Miriam are practically the same height.

Having been exposed to the spotlight since they were little, Nei Nei and brother Max have grown up in front of everyone’s eyes. Remember Where Are We Going, Dad? Yet seeing a side by side comparison between 2014 and 2024 really drives home just how much. Netizens and fans agree Nei Nei looks prettier and that she could be a model since she’s also growing up to be tall like her dad. Dad Wu Chun meanwhile got comments about how he hasn’t aged at all. Wu Chun also shared a pic with the entire fam hanging out together with Miriam.

Wu Chun Lin Liying, Nei Nei, Max and Miriam Yeung

Later, the Cantopop diva responded: “thank you guys for coming. It was a nice surprise! Time flies so quickly. In the blink of an eye, she has turned into a beautiful young lady.”

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