“She’s Got No Name” Cast Has Practically Half the Entertainment Industry

"She's Got No Name" Cast Has Practically Half the Entertainment Industry
Photo: She’s Got No Name / Weibo

She’s Got No Name 酱园弄, starring Zhang Ziyi and directed by Peter Ho-Sun Chan, is among the films officially selected for screening at the Cannes Film Festival in 2024, a testament to its high caliber. The journey to this moment has been lengthy, with the movie’s inception dating back to 2015, before filming finally took place in 2023. Director Chan revealed his desire to collaborate with Zhang Ziyi for over two decades, a dream realized only recently.

Set against the backdrop of 1930s/1940s China, She’s Got No Name delves into one of the era’s significant cases, intricately narrating the legendary life of a woman amidst a tapestry of diverse characters. Initially, buzz surrounded the drama over Zhao Liying and Yang Mi‘s involvement in the cast. However, with the official announcement, it’s evident that the movie boasts an even more star-studded ensemble, with 31 names that represent practically half of the entertainment industry. This time around, seasoned TV host Xie Na found herself trending. The 42-year-old celebrity was among the actors, prompting many to remember that she’s also an actress with a noteworthy filmography.

The confirmed cast members include: Zhang Ziyi, Wang Chuanjun, Jackson Yee, Mei Ting, Zhao Liying, Lei Jiayin, Liu Runxuan, Zhang Yu, Anna Kirke, Yang Mi, Kang Chunlei, Peng Yuchang, Yin Fang, Chen Guoqing, Zhang Jianya, Zhou Yemang, Da Peng, Xu Xiang, Li Xian, Sun Qiang, Fan Wei, Ci Sha, Wang Yang, Zhang Zifeng, Xie Na, Kong Lingmei, Zhou Siyu, Zhang Yulin, Bai Yufan, Lin Yongjian, and Zhang Xueying.

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