Peter Chan’s Film with Zhang Ziyi, Yang Mi, and Zhao Liying Together in One Movie Stirs Drama

Zhang Ziyi Angrily Refutes Rumours About Her Encouraging Yang Mi and Zhao Liying's Casting for Her Own Gain

More drama has fallen on director Peter Chan’s high profile film She Has No Name 酱园弄 aka The Murderer. Even before anything was made official, Yang Mi and Zhao Liying’s casting already stirred up a lot of buzz. While Zhang Ziyi is the undoubted star of the movie, fans of the two A-list actresses had taken to fighting over which would have higher billing. There were even rumors of cutthroat competition between the ladies to secure the better supporting role. And It looks like the offscreen drama has continued on.

Recently, a Netizen claimed that Zhang Ziyi had asked the director to invite Yang Mi to act in the film. Said Netizen also added that Zhao Liying was already friends with Zhang Ziyi so her participation is not unexpected. “If Mi Li are both in it, the movie’s popularity won’t be bad… The biggest winner of which is actually Zhang Ziyi,” the Netizen wrote.

It basically implied that Zhang Ziyi’s career was not where it was several years ago. And so, to ensure a successful box office, the Netizen claimed the 45-year-old A-list star was banking on the popularity of both Yang Mi and Zhao Liying to restart her own career. Not one to mince words, a livid Zhang Ziyi angrily refuted the rumours by commenting “Of course not! Shut up idiot!” .

ZHang Ziyi tells the Netizens to shut up

Previously, Zhang Ziyi tearfully thanked Peter Chan at the film’s wrap party for “giving her a chance to be reborn”. She believes this is the starting point in a new journey for her.  The film She Has No Name was the first project the actress undertook after her divorce from her ex-husband Wang Feng was finalised in October last year. However, the celebratory mood was quickly broken a few hours later when speculation that Zhang Ziyi may have had a hand in casting Yang Mi and Zhao Liying started doing rounds online. Following her angry denial, the Netizen has since apologised and updated his post, saying what he heard was “just gossip”.

Meanwhile, entertainment site Variety released an exclusive where they announced the cast of She Has No Name. Aside from Zhang Ziyi, it also stars Jackson Yee, Zhang Zifeng, Fan Wei, Wang Chuan-jun, Yang Mi and Zhao Liying. Set in 1940s Shanghai, it follows one woman’s suffering, while highlighting the subsequent revolution of women’s social rights in China.

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