“My Divine Emissary,” a Chinese Retelling of “Splash Splash Love”

"My Divine Emissary," a Chinese Retelling of "Splash Splash Love"
My Divine Emissary

Another Kdrama makes its way into Cdrama with My Divine Emissary 我的神使大人. The historical romcom is adapted from Splash Splash Love about a high school student, adorably played by Kim Seul-gi, who not only has the ability to travel through time, she’s mistaken for a eunuch after jumping centuries back into the Joseon era. As an aside, Ahn Hyo-seop actually made his acting debut in Splash Splash, appearing in a supporting role as Park Yeon. The Chinese webdrama version follows in a similar vein with a modern school girl straying far back into the Qi Kingdom which existed between the 11th century BC to the late 2nd century BC. Talk about not being in Kansas anymore!

My Divine Emissary Plot, Release Date and Cast

In the Chinese remake, Li Zixuan stars as Li Mengmeng, the aforementioned insecure school girl who does poorly in school but finds herself slaying it in the Qi Kingdom with her “modern” high school level know-how. That’s how she became to be known as the “divine emissary” or messenger. Mengmeng gets mistaken for a “he” and finds herself mentoring the young black bellied and forward-thinking emperor Qi Yan portrayed by Chen Jingke. Together, they put their efforts into bringing about reform.

Despite barely missing to debut in Produce China 101 after placing 12th, actress Li Zixuan’s burgeoning career seems to be in a good place right now. The actress has been leading several smaller scale web dramas. Meanwhile, co-star Chen Jingke already has three dramas to him for 2024 along with My Divine Emissary which now makes it four, and it’s only April! His most recent drama Islands which aired back in February had fans shipping his chemistry with actress Sun Qian which is so good, rumour has it that they might’ve possibly even taken their onscreen romance offline and are actually dating. Can’t wait to see how his chemistry with Li Zixuan works out in their new drama.

My Divine Emissary also co-stars Wei Tianhao, Tan Xiaofan, Wang Yunzhi and He Derui. It hit screens today April 22nd on Youku.

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