Sun Qian and Chen Jingke Who Recently Played a Couple Are in Dating Rumors

Sun Qian and Chen Jingke Who Recently Played a Couple Find Themselves in Dating Rumors

The latest paparazzi revelation is about Sun Qian and Chen Jingke. The two 26 years old stars recently drew eyes for their beloved couple pairing from the contemporary drama Islands 烟火人家, where Sun Qian plays the granddaughter in a story about three generations of women.

Speculations that the two are dating rose due to paparazzi footage of them going back to the same apartment building on consecutive days. While the paparazzi lenses may not have captured the duo side by side, the mere coincidence of their comings and goings has seen the two trending. Paparazzo Liu Dachui said that the apartment is indeed Sun Qian’s house and went on to claim that they would’ve been living been together for some time.

Could this be the blossoming of a real-life romance mirroring their on-screen chemistry? After all, fans have already been shipping them from their drama together. Neither Sun Qian nor Chen Jingke has stepped forward to confirm or deny the rumors. However, a previous interview also trended due to Sun Qian’s playful banter. She relayed how a fan once asked them to give a hint that they were together to which she coyly evaded, “How can I tell you.”

Photo(s): Weibo

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