Mark Cheng Finally Reunites With Daughter After Being Left by His Ex-Wife

Mark Cheng
Mark Cheng
Mark Cheng and daughter Jada (Wen Wen)

Things are finally looking up on the family front for Hong Kong actor Mark Cheng. When his divorce with his Malaysian ex-wife Ailyn Pow was finalised a few years ago, Mark who’s based in China tearfully shared he had nothing left. In 2022, he revealed that not only did he lose everything he owned including properties, F&B businesses and his cars which were all under his wife’s name. Worst, he lost access to his son and daughter who were in Kuala Lumpur with their mom. Thankfully it looks like his long awaited reunion with his daughter Jada (Wen Wen) finally happened at last!

In a post he uploaded on Douyin, the 59-year-old happily shared snippets from their father-daughter date where they went to see the pandas as he’d promised her years ago. Mark even put his arm around her as he proudly introduced his 19-year-old daughter to everyone watching.

If you’re a fan of Hong Kong cinema, no doubt you’d have seen Mark’s tough guy persona from 90s triad movies such as Young and Dangerous. Hard to imagine that guy telling dad jokes yet that’s exactly what the doting dad can be seen doing in his attempts to make his daughter laugh, “Do pandas know kung fu?” Answer: That’s coz Kung Fu Panda” Well funny or not, he certainly had her laughing at his joke.

It’s pretty obvious from the way he kept holding and hugging his daughter just how much he’d really missed his kids. Glad he finally had his chance to reunite with them.

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