Mark Cheng Still Wears His Wedding Ring After Wife Left, Says It’s Not Worth Celebrating His Birthday This Year

Mark Cheng
Mark Cheng
(L) Mark Cheng with his ex in happier times (R) On his 58th Birthday
Photo: Mark Cheng / Weibo and Douyin

90s Hong Kong star Mark Cheng opens up about his situation in a clip he shared on social media for his 58th birthday. “Happy birthday to me! I’m sharing some things with you for the first time today, thank you for your concern. I will get better and better. Thank you!” he captioned.  The 58-year-old  candidly shares that he had already eaten five birthday meals with friends and colleagues this year. But he also said that this year’s birthday wasn’t worth celebrating since he’s already lost everything. Not just material things but his two kids whom he hasn’t seen since December, he said.

I don’t think it’s worth celebrating, because I already know that I have nothing to show for this past year, including my daughter and my son” he said. After briefly pausing to pull himself together, he continued: “but it doesn’t matter. I appreciate everything else more, because I have a fantastic group of friends surrounding me, I have my parents who are very healthy. My brothers and everyone else are all healthy. They’re all in Vancouver so I’m not giving up. I wish myself a happy birthday, and I wish everyone good health and to live a happy life.” Mark can be seen visibly trying to hold back his emotions. It also appears he’s not yet over the end of his 20 year marriage since he’s still wearing his wedding ring.

Mark Cheng

Marriage Troubles

Prior to this, Mark Cheng had hinted previously that all was not well in his 20 year marriage to his second wife Ailyn Pow. Before returning to Malaysia, he’d been working in China for 16 months where an injury also waylaid him. This was, he said, the longest time he’d been away from his family. When he excitedly called his wife to tell her that he’s coming home, he said she hung up on him. He was also informed that any communication between them should now be done through her lawyer.

The actor said that he was completely blindsided when he returned to Malaysia to no wife and missing kids. Moreover, he said that he had no inkling that anything was wrong in their relationship. When media asked whether there was a third party in their marriage, Mark didn’t expressly deny it, but hinted that his wife cheated on him.

Following his marriage to Ailyn, Mark changed his homebase to Malaysia where his wife is from. He also revealed as well that everything he owns, including property, his F&B businesses and his cars were all under his wife’s name. All he has left is one flat.

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