Carman Lee Says She’s Just 58: Still Single, Still No Kids, Alone But Not Lonely

Carman Lee Says She's Just 58: Still Single, Still No Kids, Alone But Not Lonely

Carman Lee, renowned for being Little Dragon Maiden in the 90’s, recently delivered an empowering speech where she courageously delved into her personal history. The Hong Kong actress, celebrated for her performances in TVB dramas, shared her struggles with depression, exacerbated by her widely publicized relationship with affluent businessman Guo Yingquan and the passing of her father. She faced criticism for not conforming to traditional expectations of marriage and motherhood. However, through self-acceptance, she found strength to overcome her inner struggles.

Opening Up About Her 10 Year-Relationship

“I went through a breakup that many know about. I had a 10-year romance, and I found myself subjected to malicious media scrutiny and the chains of societal expectations imposed on women,” said Carman Lee. She recounted the hurtful comments she received: “You’re old, unmarried, and childless. Such a failure as a woman.” She admitted, “Honestly, these voices hurt me. It bothered me. It made me very unhappy.” Additionally, she was in a relationship where she had to give up a lot. Known for dating businessman Guo Yingquan who is 20 years older than her, she revealed the challenges she faced, including his reluctance to attend family gatherings, leaving her to either attend alone or skip them altogether. They broke up in 2008.

Battle with Depression

Carman Lee’s father passed away due to illness in 2009, “After my father passed away, my depression worsened and consumed me.” She continued, “At its worst, I spent a week at home, not going out, not showering or brushing my teeth. I felt like a robot, going through the motions of eating, sleeping, and breathing (because I actually didn’t want to). I didn’t care about anything.”

Describing her darkest moments, she had suicidal thoughts, “I would stare into nothing looking down from the 27th floor. Even while cutting vegetables, I would stare at the knife.” Oddly enough, she found relief when she learned to accept her situation and it became the turning point for her to overcome it. “It’s like the depression realized it couldn’t torture me anymore.” The actress said it was about six to seven years ago that she finally put everything behind her, such that she’s able to talk about it now.

For the past few years, Carman Lee has become a symbol of fitness, often flaunting her toned physique. She has described the gym as her sanctuary, expressing her love for physical activity. Nowadays, she no longer views herself as “already 58 years old,” but as “just 58 years old.” In conclusion, she affirmed, “I’m still not married; I still don’t have kids. I am alone, but I am not lonely.”

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