Jin Jing Hints at New Chapter, Revealing Pregnancy

Comedian Jolin Jin Jing, known for her wit and charm, has sent the internet abuzz with her latest Weibo post, hinting at an exciting new chapter in her life. The post, adorned with a caption that reads, “Family of four welcomes the fifth member,” reveals that she is expecting her first child. The 31-year-old actress-host-comedian also shared three polaroid photos: one featuring herself, another showcasing her two beloved furbabies, and the third introducing her beau.

While the announcement alone is cause for celebration, it finally confirms Jin Jing’s relationship with Shu Yicheng, a script writer and director who worked on the animated series The Degenerate-Drawing Jianghu 画江湖之不良人. Rumors of their romance initially surfaced in 2021, yet the couple managed to keep their personal lives largely out of the spotlight until now.

In her latest interview, Jin Jing cheekily shares that she has already thought of the nickname “Jin Gang,” also known as “King Kong,” for the baby because it conveys strength. Jin Jing also discloses that she has always been a planner, such as planning for a “dragon baby” this year. She further reveals that marriage was also planned and acknowledges that she has been in a relationship with Shu Yicheng for over four years.

Fans may remember Jin Jing from the hit wuxia suspense series My Journey to You. With the series being all-too serious, you may have doubted if her hilarious self would fit in but it definitely worked. As news of Jin Jing’s pregnancy spreads, well-wishers flooded her social media account with congratulations.

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