Jimmy Lin and Hao Shao-wen 30 Years After “Shaolin Popey”

Jimmy Lin and Hao Shao-wen 30 Years After "Shaolin Popeye"

It’s crazy how the years have passed. Jimmy Lin and Steven Hao Shao-wen just reunited for photos that certainly bring back memories. The two go way back, playing brothers in the 1994 Taiwanese kung fu comedy film Shaolin Popey. Back then, Hao Shao-wen was just 4 years old when he starred in his very first movie, while Jimmy Lin rose to fame as a teen heartthrob, earning the nickname as one of the ‘Little Four Heavenly Kings’ of Taiwan. Their collaboration in the film ‘Shaolin Popey’ was comedy gold, spawning more movies together along with Ashton Chen and late actor Ng Man-tat.

As the two shared photos, Jimmy tagged his former co-star, “Little A-wen from Shaolin Popey, has become Big A-wen now, @Hao Shaowen, why are you still so cute?” Hao Shao-wen tagged his former co-star back saying, “I’ve grown up, why haven’t you aged, @Lin Chih-ying?”

It’s literally been 30 years and even Hao Shao-wen who’s now 34 years old is already married and a father to his step daughter. Actor Jimmy Lin is now 49 years old. Netizens can’t help but agree that he hasn’t aged at all especially in side by side photos where they recreate the exact same poses from the movie. Some joked, “The adorable little Wenwen has grown up, but Little Jimmy is still the same Little Jimmy.”

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